Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mikey D Profile

My name is michael anthony larmond i was born in lambeth hospital on the 26.10.67, mi life started i grew up in brixton hearing regga music all a round me, at home, in the market, records shops it left me singing a regga beat but i could not sing to save mi life

but i like the music love the artists like yellowman sister nancie ninjahman super cat dennis brown bob marley jaycob miller and much more artist from J,A,

so i started to go to sound clash in the area and blues club a whole new life the people the music and the dancing at was cool to see it all

Wanted to be come a dj, I started to buy all the records i could. in a record shop, I met a man he became my inspiration, i told him of what i wanted to do he new, all my answers, i.e. how to start a sound system the mans name was daddy noddy.

with his help and knowledge i started my one man sound system, i did a couple of christenings and weddings, at the time i was playing out but i had no set of my own so i hired all the equipment i needed to use at the time, then i met David at a wedding i was doing we started to talk, about the music business we shared the same passion for the music we exchanged numbers and we became friends. i also met a man called Clive he also shared the same interest in music, in that time i was playing out regular, i could fill there was something new coming.

a change was happening to the music industry, all the blues clubs were getting closed down one by one all around London. i called David and Clive for a chat i said to them all the blues clubs were shutting down

Where are the people going to going now. Clive was on the radio show on a station, David was a very good soul and r & b dj i had all the reggae tune we should make a big sound system we all said yes.
the big question the name of it. it took weeks before we decided on the big name rough but sweet
we said yes that’s the name. Where are we going to play, i said house parties and flat parties.
Got some flats to playing at all going the money was very good. time to buy the sound

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