Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mr D Profile

My name is David aka Mr d selector 1 operator in the sound, I’m one of original members and met Michael at a party 17 years ago, i wanted to be in a sound system so did Michael. I played soul, R&B at the time until few people came and left the sound so then i because the main selector

The sound started collecting dub plates from Jamaica and was stepping up & up in south London and all over. One weekend the sound was left in the van, the whole sound got taken. the members in rough but sweet decided to build a bigger & better sound that would be the talk of the town it’s taken time to get the sound system that we want but it has been worth it Mickey dun hard work

In everything in life I’ve had my ups and downs with the sound, but at the end of the day i would never leave ROUGH BUT SWEET there is something unique about the sound. when music is played i like to entertain the people I’m not one of those people who like to play for him self.

In the future i want rough but sweet to be the most feared sounds in England, not just for clashing but for everything, juggalin,dubs,remixin, sound system it’s self. I’m not saying this because I’m with the sound, I’m saying this because i know deep down inside this will come true. as i am concerned i have not heard another sound system like this. THE END

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